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Rig Dies

Tong dies have come a long way since tongs became commonplace in the oilfields. Eckel has been at the forefront of this developing technology with the development of larger wrap-around type dies for many of its tong models. We offer coarse tooth design and fine tooth design depending on the application.

Rig Dies (Typically 1" and 1-1/4" wide) are available in coarse tooth die are typically used for casing and drill pipe where tool joint O.D. sizes vary from joint to joint. Also, Drill Pipe is also a harder steel and rig dies provide a more aggressive and better grip. Rig dies are available with the following surface areas:

Note: When rig dies are used on 3-1/2" tubular and smaller the rig dies has to be contour type rig die.

  • Coarse Tooth Dies: Used on higher torque applications on carbon steel, hard band drill strings and drill collars.
  • Coated Contour True Grit® Dies: Used on chrome and fiberglass tubulars where reduced die penetration and die marking is greatly desired. For more information refer to the True Grit® Diessection.