Eckel Tong Options and Accessories:

Eckel is the premier source for a complete line of diversified power tong solutions.

Eckel offers a broad range of accessories to compliment our power tongs. From torque control systems and gauges to case handles and tong straps, Eckel has the right accessory option for your specific application.

Tong Options


Torque Control System

Eckel offers torque control systems to monitor the torque turn values when making up tubular connections with the system automatically stopping tong operation once reaching a specific torque. Any flaws in the make-up process will be readily shown in a graph.


Door Interlock

The Door Interlock is offered as an optional safety feature for use with the power tong to prevent accidental operation of the power tong when the door is open. The door interlock prevents tong operation whenever the tong door is open by impeding hydraulic fluid to the tong motor.

Integrated Hydraulic Backups

A hydraulic Tri-Grip® or Cam Backup tool is optionally supplied with Eckel tongs. In operation this tool provides a backup when in break-out or make-up situations. This hydraulically operated backup tool, uses hydraulic cylinders and a head arrangement to insure slip-free operation.


Wrap-Around Dies

A standard feature on many of our tongs. Dies have evolved since tongs became commonplace in the oilfields. Eckel has been at the forefront of this developing technology with the development of larger wrap-around type dies for many of its tong models. We offer coarse tooth design for normal carbon steel pipe and collars and fine tooth for special alloys such as 9, 13, 23, 25 chrome and fiberglass to greatly minimize markings on the tubulars.


Eckel Long Lasting
True Grit® Dies

Have set a NEW industry standard for handling Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA) tubular goods. Eckel True Grit® Dies are used on chrome tubulars where reduced die penetration and die marking is greatly desired. Field tests have shown that Eckel's True Grit® Dies last up to 3 tme longer than other manufacturer's grit faced dies. These dies actually perform better than any steel tooth dies when running (SUPER or HYPER) Chrome. Eckel's True Grit® Dies are heat treated and do not deform.


Case Handles

Designed for improved safety when handling the tong. Up to four Case Handles can be optionally mounted on most tong models. Large top and bottom caps help protect the operator when maneuvering the tong on and off the tubulars.


Finger Guard Protection

Eckel continues to set industry safety standards with the optional Finger Guard Option. This shield covers the gap between the tong door and tong body, without limiting door operation. Door will open and close freely.


Tong Straps

Industrial strength straps feature a rubber gripping surface to allow for easily pulling the tong on and off the tubular. These optional straps are mounted on the tong door and on both sides of the solid hanger area of the tong using a Lark's Head Knot.

Motor Port Relief Valve

The adjustable motor port relief valve is used to control or limit the hydraulic pressure to the tong motor thus controlling the maximum torque output of the power tong. The valve controls only the hydraulic pressure to the tong motor leaving full system pressure available for other functions such as lift cylinder and hydraulic backup.

RPM Control

RPM Control: The RPM Control is a flow divider that decreases the amount of hydraulic fluid that reaches the tong, the remaining fluid is returned to the reservoir. By decreasing the amount of fluid reaching the tong the operator is able to control the maximum RPM's the tong will deliver.


Hydraulic Swivel Joints

Tongs equipped with the optional Swivel Joints have improved hose life by absorbing system shock when pressured up and preventing twisting, kinking of the hydraulic hoses. In addition tongs are maneuvered more freely on the rig floor on and off the tubular.

Torque Gauge Assembly

The optional torque gauge assembly is used to measure the torque exerted in make-up or break-out operations. Consisting of a hydraulic cylinder and torque gauge connected together by a pressure hose, the torque gauge assembly senses and indicates the torque developed during an operation. For operation, the hydraulic cylinder is connected by a shackle to the rear of the tong; and a snub line is connected to the cylinder. The snub line is tied off to a solid part of the rig structure to form an angle of 90° in order for the gauge to indicate accurate torque readings.

Lift Cylinder

This cylinder provides a means for raising and lowering the tong during operations and is recommended with tongs that have a hydraulic backup due to the extra weight of the tong. The lift cylinder maximum of travel varies depending on tong size.

Spring Hanger

The optional spring hanger is designed to permit the tong to move up or down to allow for thread length in make-up and break-out operations. When used, the spring hanger should be attached directly to the tong bridle ring and used as a hanger for the tong.