Introducing the 9⅞ HS-40 and 9⅞ HS-55 High Performance Tong Series - Featuring Space Saver® Technology

High torque for premium connections and smaller operational foot print for today’s smaller rig floors.

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High Torque Performance

Superior Design and Performance - With Maximum Torques up to 200K


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7.25 HS HT-80 Drillpipe / Casing Tong
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Looking for High Performance Hydraulic
Power Tongs with Cutting Edge Designs?

Eckel's product range is well suited for today’s premium connections. As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic power tongs and hydraulic power units we offer over 40 models of hydraulic power tongs for the oil and gas industry and ship to more than 100 countries around the world

Tubing Tong Applications

Tubing tongs used for running tubulars to extract oil and gas from reservoirs are ruggedly designed and provide reliable performance even at the higher torque's that are required to break premium connections.


Casing Tong Applications

Casing handling tongs that are engineered for today’s premium connections. Available with an array of models to choose from: Standard, Hydra-Shift, High Torque, and Ultra High Torque with torques ranging from 15,000 ft-lbs up to 200,000 ft-lbs. Consistent operations between models reduces employee training.


Drillpipe Tong Applications

Drill pipe an industrial tubular used for drilling into the ground are screwed together using a tong to form a drill string. Eckel Drill Pipe Tongs are ideal at reducing drill time and lowering costs. Designed for quick and safe make-up and break-out of drill pipe and drill collars.


Riser Tong Applications

Risers connect offshore floating structures or drilling rig to the sub-sea for production purposes as with drilling, production, and injection purposes. Premium pipe manufactures have designed threaded risers that are specially designed for use in deep-water that are fatigue resistant, sealable, and high pressure applications.

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed better..."


A two-speed Hydra-Shift® motor coupled with a two-speed gear train provides (4) torque levels and (4) RPM speeds. Easily shift the hydraulic motor in low speed to high speed without stopping the tong or tublar rotation, saving rig time.

True Grit® Faced Dies

Used on corrosion resistant alloys (CRA) and fiberglass tubulars where reduced markings on the tubular is desired. Eckel's Coated True Grit® Dies utilize Tungsten Carbide grit which provides many more points of contact on the surface of the tubular than our Pyramid Fine Tooth dies.

Radial Lock Door

A patented door locking system (US Patent 6,279,426) for Eckel tongs that allows for latchless locking of the tong door. The tong door swings easily open and closed and locks when torque is applied to the tong. When safety is important this locking mechanism combined with our safety door interlock provides unparalleled safety while speeding up the turn around time between connections. The Radial Door Lock is patented protected in the following countries: Canada, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Wedge Drive Tr-Grip® Backup

The WD Tri-Grip® Backup is a high performance no compromise backup that is suitable for make-up and break-out of the most demanding connections. The WD Tri-Grip®Backup features a three head design that encompasses the tubular that applies an evenly distributed gripping force. The WD Tri-Grip®is a high performance backup with no compromises that is available for specific applications that provdies exceptional gripping capabilities with either Eckel True Grit® dies or Pyramid Fine Tooth dies.

Tr-Grip® Backup

The field proven Tri-Grip® Backup features a three head design that encompasses the tubular that applies an evenly distributed gripping force. The Tri-Grip®Backup provides exceptional gripping capabilities with either Eckel True Grit® dies or Pyramid Fine Tooth dies. The hydraulic backup is suspended at an adjustable level below the power tong by means of three hanger legs and allowing the backup to remain stationary while the power tong moves vertically to compensate for thread travel of the connection.

Torque Control System

Eckel offers several models of torque control systems that are used to monitor the torque turn values when making up tubular connections (Tubing, Casing, & Drill Pipe). Any flaws in the make-up process will be readily shown in a graph.

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Comprehensive line of hydraulically power tongs ranging from 2-1/16 through 36 in. Cutting-edge designs, quality, and rugged durability have won us a world-wide reputation of a first-class product that insures years of trouble free service.
Eckel power tongs are available with many Customizations & Options...