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Hazardous Locations

Eckel manufactures power units for extreme environments such as cold weather conditions, high ambient temperatures and hazardous locations. Custom designs and configuration are available to meet your specific requirements, and we'll be glad to make recommendations based upon your specifications.

High Ambient

High Ambient Temperature

Eckel's high ambient hydraulic power units operate in extreme high temperature environments. An air blast heat exchanger and a larger hydraulic take insures the oil temperature remains within operating conditions.


Cold Weather Power Units

Eckel's cold weather service hydraulic power units provide trouble free operation even when the temperature drops below -40° F (-40° C). Insulating panels insure components are protected from extreme cold. The hydraulic tank features a internal heater unit that automatically heats the hydraulic oil to operational temperature within 30 minutes in extreme cold conditions. Easily adaptable for summer operation, the power unit is an All Weather Hydraulic Power Unit. Custom design and configuration is available to meet your specific needs, and we'll be glad to make recommendations based on your requirements.


Hazardous Locations - Class 1 - Division 1 - Group D

Electric Power Units for hazardous locations are constructed using electrical components that meet NFPA Class 1, Division 1, Group D explosion proof requirements. Optionally offered with extra capacity hydraulic oil and fuel reservoirs.