The World's Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Power Tongs

Eckel Hydraulic Power Tongs

Eckel offers a comprehensive range of high-quality casing and tubing, as well as drill pipe tongs designed for use in all facets of oil and gas drilling, well completion, and well-servicing operations. Our tongs are meticulously engineered to handle the demanding operational torques required by today's premium connections.

At Eckel, we continuously push the boundaries of tool service technology and set industry standards. Our tongs enhance crew efficiency, featuring innovations such as:

  • Radial Lock Door: An easy-to-open and close mechanism.
  • Hydra-Shift® Speed Shifting: Accelerates turnaround time between connections.
  • Torque Turn Control Systems: Monitors torque values during tubular connection make-up, identifying any flaws in the process.

Choose Eckel tongs for reliable performance and cutting-edge technology in the oil and gas industry.

Hydraulic Power Tong Models