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Service and Maintenance

After each job make the following checks and take appropriate corrective action.Check cam follower or dumbbell rollers for wear or breakage, and replace if necessary. Clean heads and head sliding surfaces of foreign debris and grease lightly. Check grease in tong case, repack if necessary. Refer to the operation manual for proper greasing.

Inspect head rollers:
Inspect head rollers to be sure they turn freely.

Inspect Dies:
Inspect head dies to be sure that biting edge is not worn excessively and is capable of biting effectively. Change the dies if required.

Brake Band:
Inspect the brake bands to be sure that each band is intact and not excessively worn. If a brake band begins to wear into the rivets, the band should be replaced.

Tong grease point:
There are many grease points on a tong, refer to your operation manual for proper greasing.