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Safety Enhanced Tong Features

Safety First - Work Safely

Door Actuator Cylinders
Hydraulic door actuated cylinders eliminates personnel at the front of the tong to manually open and close the door.(Not Shown)

Enhanced Safety Paint Scheme
Descriptive factory paint markings to visually communicate best operating practices to personnel.

Control Valve Bank Protection
Rigid protective bar to prevent damage or accidental actuation of levers.

Head Retraction System
Automatically retracts pivot heads to their ready point after torque operations are complete. A standard feature for tongs with sliding heads.

Door Interlock
Prevents accidental operation of the tong when the door is open.

Door Actuator Cylinders
Eliminates personnel at the front of the tong to manually open and close the door. (not shown)

Door Finger Guard Shield
Rubber guard to mitigate pinch points when manually operating tong door.

Spring Cover Guard
Mitigates pinch points for personnel, sleeves are fitted over backup springs.

Tong Positioning Handles
Provides a safe contact location on the tong for maneuvering the tong on and off tubulars.

Tong Positioning Straps
Industrial strength straps with rubber gripping surface for pulling the tong on and off tubulars.

Safety Stickers
Identification of potential hazards when operating the equipment.