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Friday December 30 2016

Product Showcase: Eckel 9-7/8 HS-60 Casing Tong

Eckel is proud to introduce the 9-7/8 HS-60 Casing Tong - Available in the 1st Quarter of 2017. Setting a high industrial standard for reliable performance and efficiency.

Product Showcase

9-7/8 HS-60 Casing Tong Overview

Premium Connection

High Performance
Providing a maximum torque of 60,000 ft-lbs (81349 Nm) and 40,000 ft-lbs (54233 Nm) continuous rotational torque; well suited for today's high torque premium casing connections. With these high torque rating, the 9-7/8 HS-60 Casing Tong is capable of properly handling all premium grade tubulars within its size range.

Exceptional Gripping Capabilities / Innovative Design
The 9-7/8 HS-60 Casing Tong offers exceptional gripping capabilities handling tubular size from 3-1/2 - 9-7/8 in. (88.9 - 250.8). An innovative design allows for you to choose either sliding heads or pivot heads configuration upon order. Wrap-Around dies are offered which securely encompass the tubular to limit potential for damage, you are assured of your down hole tubular connection integrity. Dies are available with a variety of surfaces: Coarse Tooth, Pyramid Fine, and TRUE GRIT.

Torque Turn Readings - Hydra-Shift / Variable Speed
Available with a two-speed Hydra-Shift motor for a smooth speed shifting without stopping. A WD Tri-Grip® Backup is included for make-up and break-out of the most resilient connections. These two design features provide excellent torque turn graphic readings. Additionally a two-speed gear train is provided for (4) Torque Levels and (4) RPM Speeds.

Operation Performance
Together these features combined with highly efficient radial lock door and safety features boost operational performance within a rugged, high torque package.

* Available in the 1st Quarter of 2017

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