Take a look at the all NEW 9⅞ HS-40 | HS-55 Tong Series featuring SPACESAVER technology!

Eckel 9⅞ HS-40 and HS-55 Tubing / Casing providing high torque and high continuous rotational torque within a compact operational footprint featuring SPACE SAVERâ„¢ technology.

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The World's Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Power Tongs

Eckel | Hydraulic Power Tongs

We offer a full range of high quality casing and tubing, drill pipe tongs for use in all types of oil and gas drilling, well completion and well servicing activities. Our tongs have been engineered for the high operational torques today's that premium connections require. Eckel tongs continue to advance the technology of tool service and setting industry standards. Our tongs have improved crew efficiency such as our easy to open and close Radial Lock Door and our Hydra-Shift® speed shifting for speeding up turnaround time between connections. Eckel's Torque turn control systems that monitor torque turn values when making up tubular connection with any flaws in the make-up process are readily shown.

Tong Optional Safety Features

Eckel continues to set the industry standard that greatly enhances the operational safety of our tongs.

Door Interlock: An optional door interlock is offered as a safety feature for use with the power tong to prevent accidental operation of the power tong when the door is open.

Tong Door Actuator Cylinders: This option significantly enhances crew safety by eliminating an individual at the front of the tong to manually open and close the door. A single control lever is used to operate the tong doors. To further enhance safety, the doors cannot be hydraulically opened while the tong is operating, and actively works with the door interlock to prevents tong operation with the doors open.

Finger Guard Shield: The finger guard shield covers the gap between the tong door and tong body, without limiting door operation.

Case Handles: Designed for improved safety when handling the tong. Up to four Case Handles can be optionally mounted on most tong models. Large top and bottom caps help protect the operator when maneuvering the tong on and off the tubulars.

Tong Positioning Straps: Industrial strength straps feature a rubber gripping surface to allow for easily pulling the tong on and off the tubular. These optional straps are mounted on the tong door and on both sides of the solid hanger area of the tong using a Lark's Head Knot.

Heads and Dies

Sliding heads with wrap-around dies are considered the best choice for thinner wall tubulars where point loading is a concern. The wrap-around dies are symmetrically spaced at all times insuring an equally distributed load on the tubular. A larger gripping surface allows more teeth to come in contact with the tubular. Our proprietary TRUE GRITTM dies have set NEW industry standards in handling Corrosion Resistant Allows (CRA) tubular goods. TRUE GRITTMs dies are used on chrome tubulars where reduced die penetration and die marking is desired. TRUE GRIT TM dies are long lasting 3 times longer than competing technologies and perform better than any steel tooth die when running (SUPER or HYPER) Chrome. Tubular penetration of the TRUE GRITTM dies is less than half of API allowable surface defect area.

Tri-Grip® Backup

Our renowned free floating Tri-Grip® and Wedge Drive Tri-Grip® hydraulic backups provide unparalleled backup performance and is one of the industry's closest tong mounting backups that minimize pipe bending. The backup utilizes three biting surfaces to insure a secure grip on the tubular to prevent tubular rotation.

Hydraulic Power Units

Eckel's standard diesel or electric power packages at 65 GPM and 2,500 psi (246 LPM / 172 bar) are widely recognized for dependability and long, trouble-free service. Eckel will customize hydraulic power systems in the shortest possible time to meet "nonstandard" requirements for space, fluid flow, auxiliary power, and portability. Diesel driven units are optionally supplied with automatic shutdown systems to prevent engine run away when explosive gases are present. Additional shut downs include engine oil temperature, oil pressure, and fan belt breakage. All controls are either air, mechanical or electrical.