Take a look at the all NEW 9⅞ HS-40 | HS-55 Tong Series featuring SPACESAVER technology!

Eckel 9⅞ HS-40 and HS-55 Tubing / Casing providing high torque and high continuous rotational torque within a compact operational footprint featuring SPACE SAVERâ„¢ technology.

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Product Icon Definitions

The following are icon definitions for relating the product features. Refer to the product pages and the features available. Contact our sales department and we be happy to answer any additional questions.

Icon     Definition
Coarse Tooth Cam Backup: A type of backup with two heads that uses cylinders to actuate the cage plates camming the heads out in the same basic fashion as the tong.
Coarse Tooth Coarse Tooth Dies: Longer lasting more aggressive Dies with the gripping teeth spaced further apart allowing more room between teeth for rust or pipe scale to be displaced easier.
Drill Pipe Tongs: A model of tong with sliding heads suited for make-up and break-out of threaded drill string pipe at higher torque levels.
Diesel Power Unit: A hydraulic power unit powered by a diesel engine.

Dual Tubing Tongs: A small narrow bodied tong used when running or pulling two strings of pipe side by side in the same well. The first string of tubing is made up while the second string of tubing is housed outside the body of the tong. Also, used at times in snubbing baskets where there is little working room.

Electric Power Unit: A hydraulic power unit powered by an electric motor.

Pyramid Fine Tooth or Fine Tooth Dies: Dies with the gripping teeth spaced closely together that resemble a small pyramid . For more information click here.

True Grit® Dies: Used on corrosion resistant alloys (CRA) and fiberglass tubulars where reduced markings on the tubular is desired.
Hydra-Shift: Allows the tong operator to shift the hydraulic motor from high speed to low speed without stopping the tong or pipe rotation,saving rig time.
Hydra-Shift / Variable Shift: Gives the tong operator four speeds to chose from, two in the hydraulic motor and two in the tong gear train.
Icon     Definition
High Torque: A model of tong that has exponentially larger amount of torque than the previous version of that model or tong size.
Pivot Head: A type of head used in specific tongs that pivots out to the casing instead of sliding out of the cage plate to grip the casing.

Radial Lock Door: A patented door locking system (US Patent 6,279,426) for Eckel tongs that allows for latchless locking of the tong door. The tong door swings easily open and closed and locks when torque is applied to the tong. When safety is important this locking mechanism combined with our safety door interlock provides unparalleled safety while speeding up the turn around time between connections. The Radial Door Lock is patented protected in the following countries: Canada, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Sliding Head: A type of head used in specific Eckel tongs that slides out from a pocket within the tong. This head biting system utilizes our wide angle wrap-around type dies and is considered the best choice of power tong biting systems for use on small tubular and drill pipe.

Torque Control System: A method used to monitor the torque turn values when making up tubular connections (Tubing, Casing, & Drill Pipe). Any flaws in the make-up process will be readily shown in a graph.For more information click here.

Tri-Grip® Backup: A backup that uses two cylinders to grip the tubular. Two heads are actuated while the third head is stationary.

Ultra High Torque: A model of tong that has exponentially larger amount of torque than the previous version of that model or tong size.